Become a Vendor at the Mini Symposium

Vendor Program FAQs

What is this year’s Mini-Symposium about?

Over the past few years, FAND has successfully advanced the practice of dietetics in Florida by offering innovative and engaging educational programs.

This year’s Mini Symposium is tailored to help dietitians and nutrition students gain a comprehensive understanding of recent changes in our educational pathways. Attendees will learn about the implications of these changes on the workforce and receive valuable tools and resources to become more effective dietitians or proficient hiring managers in the field.

Who is in the audience?

Attendees to this symposium are dietitians and students of dietetics and nutrition from across the state of Florida as well as faculty, educators and dietetic internship program directors. We anticipate between 80 and 100 attendees.

What type of vendors should attend?

Based on the program outline we feel the best suited vendors for this program are:

  • Universities to connect with students and preceptors
  • Businesses who hire dietitians to connect with and recruit attendees from across Florida
  • Organizations who want to connect with Florida Dietitians, NDTRs and students to create business awareness.
What’s in it for me?

Recruiters: Recruiters have the unique opportunity to engage directly with attendees, allowing them to showcase their organization, discuss open positions, and network with potential candidates. This is an invaluable platform to recruit talent and share detailed insights about their company.

Educators: For educators, this event provides a valuable chance to connect with both practicing dietitians and students. It’s an excellent forum to educate participants about their programs, discuss internship opportunities, and attract prospective students. Educators can also share valuable information and resources, fostering future educational collaborations.

There is a scheduled break at 10:30 am and at 12 pm we break for lunch for one hour. This is when you will receive the greatest number of attendees.

What is included with your vendor registration?

Six-foot table and skirt with 2 chairs

Vendors are allowed to have one free registration to the conference. Any other attendees will need to register to be able to partake in the lectures and earn CPEU credits.

Conference cost is $75 for FAND members | $100 for non-members

As you can see from the overview below, we have planned two concurrent sessions at the end of the day, scheduled from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Session for Educators:This session is dedicated to educators and focuses on how universities are adapting to the new program and internship requirements. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas and best practices aimed at making Florida a leader in producing dietitians who are well-prepared for the workforce and capable of passing the RDN exam. This session is open to all attendees, including non-educators, who are interested in understanding and contributing to these educational advancements.

Session for Recruiters and Job Seekers: During this time, we invite recruiters to meet with students and practicing dietitians in a session that covers key aspects of successful recruitment and job preparation:

For Hiring Managers:

How to recruit effectively for the modern dietitian: Understanding what today’s professionals are seeking.

Key elements to look for on a resume.

Essential qualities to identify in a candidate.

For Job Seekers:

Attendees are free to choose which session aligns best with their interests and professional goals.