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District Survey Results

Review of Survey Results:  325 responses sent to approximately 3000 members

January 5-19, 2017

Question 1:  Will you be renewing your District membership?

82% Yes  17% No

Summary of Responses to No:

Meeting time conflict, scheduling, chapter inactive, program of little interest

Question 2:  Do you feel the cost of the District membership is adequate for the value that you receive (i.e. CEU, socials, meetings)?

83% Yes   17% No

Summary of Responses to No:

Conflict scheduling with current work, not enough CEU’s

Question 3:  Do you like the autonomy your District has to create meetings and socials?

91% Yes  7% No

Question 4:  Do you feel that your District struggles to find candidates for leadership positions within your District?

71% Yes  29% No

Question 5:  What is the primary reason for joining your local District association?

44% Networking

42% CEU’s

14% Professional Development

Question 6: What is your preferred method obtaining CEU’s?

50% Webinar

31% One day workshops

19% Monthly in-person meetings

Question 7:  What would motivate you to travel further for District meetings?

Summary of most common responses:

More CEU’s (at least 4-5), good speakers, cutting edge topics, meals included, weekend workshop, mandatory CEU’s like medical errors/ethics, Nothing

Question 8:  If you could improve something in your District, what would it be?

Summary of most common responses:

Increase participation of members (volunteering), better communication (b/t leadership and members), webinars, Saturday workshops, make things available online, rotate meeting sites, more quality CEU’s

Question 9:  Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

Summary of most common responses: they were quite varied.  Concerned will cause less involvement, decrease morale, decrease leadership opportunities

  • The availability of more free and online CEU’s have decreased participation in local meetings
  • Like the idea of macro districts with micro divisions (one president with several district chairs with autonomy on setting meetings in their geographical area)

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