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Membership Benefits:




Classified ads, employment opportunities, current FAND events and the latest news in health and nutrition. 


In our members only section you will find legislation and licensure updates, our Focus Newsletter, awards and scholarship information and more. Join our listserv to receive the President's monthly update and create a continuous connection to FAND.


Annual Symposium - FL FANS (Florida Food And Nutrition Symposium)


FAND Sponsors a four day Annual Symposium each year in July. FAND members receive special pricing for this event. The meeting offers approximately 20 - 25 CEU's depending on the year, and a trade show. Typically there are between 80 -100 exhibitors and around 40 speakers representing the cutting edge in nutrition topics and research.


Mid-year Events


FAND members also receive special pricing for mid-year events.






Upcoming Events

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