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The Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation (FANDF) has established the Levina Phillips Leadership Stipend Grant fund to help members who have been active in leadership positions in the state and district associations by providing direct funding for continuing education for these FANDF members to enhance their leadership skills. This is the first FANDF fund to provide financial base and use the interest or dividends to fund grants. Examples of possible educational events include professional meetings, leadership workshops and short courses in areas such as maternal and child health, cardiovascular disease, foodservice management, information technology or alternative medicine.

Levina Phillips was president of the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics from 1969-70 and served the association in many other capacities during her interesting career in Florida. Her career began in hospital dietetics and then she moved to public health. She was Nutrition Director in the Dade County Department of Public Health and started one of the first local WIC programs in the state in 1974. Levina also served as district nutrition consultant for HRS District 8 that covered eight counties in southwest Florida. She was a friend and mentor to many of us and provided inspiration for our professional lives. Levina passed away in April, 1998.

Levina saw the need to assist dietetic students financially and persuaded the Florida Dietetic Association Foundation to establish the Sister Helen Marie Scholarship - the first FANDF scholarship fund. Because of her strong belief in the value of education, the FANDF Board of Directors decided to establish a fund for use by practicing dietitians.

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