In pride of celebrating Black History Month, FAND would like to recognize Roniece Weaver and Fabiola Demps Gaines for all their hard work and making a difference in our community. Below find their positive impact on our community health and well being.

  1. What was the thought process and motivation behind the concept of HEBNI?
    We recognized the need very early when we first met that the nutritional needs of underserved populations were not met in Central Florida and it sparked an interest in all of us to create programming to close the gap in nutrition education.
  2. What are some of your health-related values, beliefs, and practices?
    We believe strongly that all people should have equal access and opportunity to health care, including nutrition services. Our practice approach and belief supports providing culturally competent strategies in order to see successful outcomes of our participants.
  3. Do you avoid eating any foods for your cultural or religious reasons? Which ones and why?
    No reasons to avoid any special foods.
  4. What steps do you take to counsel a patient from a different culture and racial group?
    We always try to get to know our clients first, then access their needs. It’s important for us to meet clients where they are and create strategies that make their health outcomes positive.
  5. Please tell us the most impactful and successful story of HEBNI.
    We have several clients that have success stories (weight loss, improved labs and more). One interesting client loss so much weight, and her doctor noticed the change. She was so proud that her doctor continued to encourage her and said he was proud of her accomplishments. “She said she wanted to please her doctor, and she was able to do it through Hebni”.
  6. How can a dietitian become part of this organization?
    Interested clients or dietitians can call us anytime for shadowing or mentoring. We can be reached at or 407-872-1333. /