FAND 2024 Legislative Workshop

Welcome to the FAND 2024 Legislative Workshop! This year the workshop will be virtual only with a strong focus on local grassroots efforts!

Pre-workshop, FAND is asking each and every Florida dietitian to reach out to their Florida Legislators and communicate with them prior to the 2024 Legislative Session in Tallahassee which starts on January 9th, 2024.

The virtual FAND Legislative workshop will be on February 21, 2024 from 6:00 pm – 8:15 pm.



$25 Non-FAND members

$10 FAND Members: Use Code FAND2024 (all UPPER case)

Free for Students: Use Code: student2024 (all lower case)

This even was approved for 1.5 CEU!


The FAND 2024 Legislative Workshop will be held on virtually on February 21, 2024, which will be during the Legislative Session. We hope you have had time before the legislative session to connect with your legislator.

Over the course of this workshop, we will delve into thought-provoking discussions designed to empower participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of legislative processes and how to best communicate with a legislator. Whether you are a seasoned legislative advocate, an emerging leader, a student or just new to the legislative actions around nutrition, this virtual gathering promises to be a catalyst for dialogue, learning, and action. You will hear from a variety of speakers who will share insight on Florida State legislative events, as well as an update on the licensure compact from the AND president, Dr. Lauri Wright.

We look forward to working with you to help expand the outreach to our legislators and continue to build our education efforts on where and why licensed dietitians are their best allies for all things health and nutrition.


Here is the best way to prepare for this year’s session:
  1. Locate your district’s House Representative
    – House Representatives:
    – Senator:
  2. Write them a letter and/or schedule an appointment to meet with them in their local office before the 2024 legislative session (January 9, 2024).
  3. Share with them what proper health and nutrition management for Florida residents should look like

– Utilize this Handout [hyperlink to attached doc “who we are”] to help share who FL dietitians are

– Utilize this PPT [hyperlink to attached ‘fand legislative – grassroots”] to learn about how to approach this process

  1. Tell us about your commitment

– Report your visit/activity via our online form:


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