Kimberly Steele, BS

FAND Election Nominee Profile – 2024 Election

Name of the Candidate: Kimberly Steele, BS

Position: Member at Large

Employment History



Years Employed

F45 Training Dadeland, Miami

Assistant Studio Manager


GluteHouse, Miami

Coach, Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer at Steele Wellness LLC


UFC Gym Midtown, Miami

Personal Trainer


F45 Training (Coral Gables/Pinecrest)



Lululemon Athletica, Coral


Educator; Seasonal Key Leader


F45 Training, Country Walk



Steele Wellness, South Florida

Yoga Instructor; Personal Trainer


Ocean Reef Club’s Member Fitness Center, Key


Fitness Specialist



Leadership Experience

Leadership Position


Years Involved in the Organization





Answers to Challenge Questions

The Member-at-Large serves as the member advocate, representing FAND member opinions and views to the FAND Board of Directors. This person serves as a leader to the regions/districts for member recruitment and retention. What strategies would you use to enhance communication with the membership and foster member engagement in various aspects of FAND’s mission? How do you measure outcomes? 


As a FAND member at large, I would exploit the value of social media; networking outside of our physical location’s reach vastly expands our community. Not only are the next generation of dietitians and clients on social media, but considerable engagement can correspondingly occur here between our members with weekly challenges, polls, questions, collaborations, and many more tools at our fingertips. Email, text, and social media blasts let us create surveys and engagement with our organization. All of these outlets allow us to track the engagement rate, hence measuring the outcomes of each post so we can continue to improve, expand, and give the people what they want! Without knowledge of budget, small community events with vendors and fitness classes can be a great way to grab like-minded individuals’ attention. There may be value in teaming up with fitness studios and schools to hold workshops and guest speakers. I think it is important to continue to host dietitians on webinars as this is moderately time and cost effective, and we can ask through social media what topics our audience would like to hear about. I would need to see our current conversion and attrition rates to have a baseline for growth, but working in management in fitness has taught me numbers are important along with our service. 

We need to let the community know that FAND serves as one of the “OGs” providing evidence-based nutrition information and connections! 


What strategies would you take for ensuring that leadership is cultivated among members of FAND?

Encouraging autonomy, but professionality among our members is a must. An idea might be to have a member’s written blog or newsletter. A portal for continuing education, not only within nutrition, but in all aspects of business, might help the individual growth of our members. Expanding on the “about me” of current leadership could foster an interest in joining the directing team. I would love to see a student, like myself, in a position to encourage growth and limit the fear of inferiority if FAND hopes to expand. Someone on the path toward RD may be more subject to development and hold new ideas. Networking events within the organization itself might encourage retention and enthusiasm. My gears are always grinding.